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PLANET ALPHA is an adventure set in a living alien world where you have the ability to manipulate the daytime.

To survive on this strange planet you will have to be observant of how the environment and the wildlife behaviour changes depending on the time of day.

Will you prove to be the foretold saviour or will you fail as many did before you?



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PLANET ALPHA is being developed by a small and dedicated team:

Adrian Lazar - Creative director

Tim Løye Skafte
- 3d art & animation

Tim Börrefors
- Level design

Jesper Krogh Kristiansen
- Sound design

We also collaborate with a few talented folks:

Siddhartha Barnhoorn - Music

Mads Dam Jakobsen - Additional rigging and animation

A special shout-out goes to Dana Cowley and Chance Ivey from Epic Games, and to Ben Mears from SideFX for constantly supporting Planet Alpha on the social media and outside.


Technical Animator

We're looking for an awesome Technical Animator proficient in Unreal Engine 4 for character work. This is a contract position that can be done either remote or onsite at our studio in Copenhagen.
If interested get in touch using: